Our History

Who we are 

The vision behind IPI dates back to 1954 when it was conceived by Dr. Labib Rashid Mirza, in collaboration with a committed group of pharmacists, specialists, and investors.

We are a renowned pharmaceutical company, developing and producing top-tier medications distributed locally and globally. We aim to provide the finest healthcare solutions to enhance patients' lives and create a brighter tomorrow.

With a strong commitment to cancer treatment, the company has risen to prominence as a key player in Iraq’s pharmaceutical landscape.


Our Roots

IPI is an established Iraqi pharmaceutical company with a rich history dating back to 1954. We have always been dedicated to providing valuable treatments to enhance the lives and well-being of our patients.
Our journey began with a collaborative agreement with the esteemed Belgian company U.C.B., which meticulously designed the factory to adhere to international industry standards. The factory was constructed in Baghdad on a land area of 4,900 square meters, featuring a reinforced concrete structure covering 3,500 square meters.

Despite encountering various challenges along the way, our dedicated team and partners worked relentlessly to overcome these obstacles. This collective effort culminated in the successful opening of the factory. in 1957-1958, graced by the patronage of King Faisal II. 

Our History