Global Engagement

Global Engagement


During our attendance at the World Pharmaceutical Components Conference (#IPIpharma) in Barcelona, Spain, we proudly showcased our Iraqi-produced medicines (#CPhI).

 This prestigious event provided a platform to highlight the quality and advancements of our pharmaceutical products on an international stage. Our participation also allowed us to engage in a diverse array of discussions with industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders.

These discussions spanned topics such as the next generation of biomanufacturing and exploring cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that promise to revolutionize the production of biologics. Additionally, we delved into innovations in sustainable solutions within the pharmaceutical sector, addressing critical issues like reducing environmental impact, enhancing energy efficiency, and implementing green manufacturing practices. 

The conference not only amplified our visibility in the global market but also enriched our knowledge and network, fostering collaborations that will drive future growth and innovation.