Research Focus

The Pharmaceuticals division of IPI is committed to enhancing patient access through the production of biosimilars and diverse research in hematology and oncology. Our leadership in affordable treatments is showcased through our focus on generics and biosimilars. Below is an overview of our research focus area:


Pain Management - Diabetes - Allergy - Immunology

Our focus on generic medicines aims to make quality treatments more affordable. We have a strong presence in antibiotics, antidiabetics, anesthesia, and pain management. By integrating scientific expertise in both generic and specialty (branded) research and development, we foster discovery and innovation to benefit patients worldwide. We strive to expand our portfolio of products while ensuring their quality and affordability.

Innovation and production of Biosimilars and Biologics

Biosimilars offer cost-effective alternatives to biologic treatments, increasing access for patients and supporting healthcare systems. As demand for biologics targeting specific pathways and cells in complex conditions like cancer and rare diseases rises, we lead the development of biosimilars in the Arab region, driving both innovation and accessibility.


Our hematology division is committed to pioneering new treatments for blood disorders such as beta-thalassemia. We continuously strive to improve patient care by advancing innovative therapies that set new standards for the treatment of rare blood diseases.

Leukemia - Breast Cancer - Colorectal Cancer

The treatment of various types and subtypes of cancer remains challenging, with significant disparities in outcomes. As the population grows and ages, and with factors like diet and environment, the burden of cancer is increasing. Our mission is to develop groundbreaking treatments and therapies that address these challenges and improve patient outcomes in oncology.